Month: February 2016

Why Trust Acupuncture If You Want To Be Pain-Free

download (73)Maintaining a sustainable health carries the utmost importance in everyone’s lives, and we try our level best to provide ourselves and our families the best healthcare possible. It’s not unknown to us what acupuncture is all about as it inception dates back thousands of years. Though its actual origin is still a mystery, but China is predominantly considered as a starting point for acupuncture and several other ancient therapies.

No matter how much medical science has evolved to produce advanced treatment procedures, the best cure still lies in the most traditional route. People have been practicing this ancient form of illness treatment for several years now. Several researches have concluded that acupuncture has the capability to cure chronic diseases to a large extent. It’s all about working with your body’s energy and the need to ensure that there is an even and smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Although mainly known for regulation of pain, acupuncture can also serve many other purposes such as:-

• Relief from muscle spasm.

• Decreased inflammation.

• Improvement of the immune system.

• Increased blood circulation.

• Relief from Pain.

• The increase in T-cell count.

Professionals working in this field are exceedingly prepared and fulfilled to give their patients the best therapeutic services that we can in the most secure way imaginable. As the years progressed, it has been viewed as the most secure and most dependable strategy for treatment. Not just does this therapy help the patients physically, it additionally gives a help mentally.

Relief for HIV patients

This treatment is substantially effective in its battle for HIV contaminated patients. The puncturing of needles through this procedure truly helps them against the torment. Numerous HIV patients have reported that they have benefited a lot from this therapy in relieving pain. But make sure that every needle that is utilized as a part of the treatment is entirely sterile and free of any germs. Also, you should be careful in ensuring that a solitary needle is not utilized for distinctive patients as they can offer contamination.

Cutting edge medications and drugs have a tendency to comprise different chemical substances which can respond contrarily with the patient’s body and can result in more damage than cure. But with the advancement of science, many procedures have been established which ensure that there are no adverse effects on the patients. Moreover, this holistic approach to treatment is extremely affordable in comparison with modern therapies.

Balancing Act – Qi and Its Role In The Human Body

download (72)Despite how alternative medicine appears, it is really anything but. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which incorporates acupuncture, tui na (Chinese physical therapy), and herbology, has been used for thousands of years to aid in healing the human body, but because it is unfamiliar to most people and not commercialized, it tends to be sidelined. On that note, we want to help you two get better acquainted.


When we say that techniques of TCM aid in healing, we do so because the human body is ultimately designed to heal itself. The remedies found in TCM, acupuncture, and herbology encourage healing by balancing the body. They do not treat the symptoms of an illness. They treat the root of it.

Qi (pronounced “chi”) is the energy in the human body. Indeed, the concept of a universal flow of energy is not a new one. In Western science, Einstein established that everything is energy in his theory of special relativity. Qi flows within the body, and when it flows freely the body is in balance. When it does not and there is blockage and stagnation, we feel it as illness. Think of it this way…

Imagine a free-flowing river, the current keeping the water well-oxygenated and clean, the rocks helping filter the water. Now, imagine that a fallen tree trunk or branch creates a blockage like a partial dam. Water pools in the area, flowing very slowly if at all. Algae grows in the still water and on the rocks. Debris and detritus get caught in the dammed up portion of the river causing bacterial growth, which eventually flows downriver.


If you have ever been examined by a Doctor of TCM, you already know that it is a bit different. There are no blood tests, unless you’re talking about your pulse (which reflects circulation). Your appearance (condition of your tongue, your skin, etc.), pains, and pulse are more than enough.

Both acupuncture and herbology serve to remedy qi blockages and stagnation, which can be the root of any number of ailments (including pain), and can be used in tandem to treat more than one condition. For example, acupuncture needles are used at the point(s) of blockage while the herbs you were given promote circulation and the movement of qi.

Herbs can be in the form of pills, tea, or ointment, and if your Doctor of TCM is also an herbalist, he or she knows exactly how to combine them. A Chinese pharmacy doesn’t have Tylenol. What you will see are herbs… walls of them. Even in Western medicine, the first “pharmaceutical drugs” were herbs. Unfortunately, much of Western medicine seems to be overly concerned with treating symptoms alone, especially with regard to “Big Pharma.” While still helpful, it is only a temporary fix.

External (Which is Also Internal)

Sometimes, the root of your pain is an injury or a chronic physical condition. Acupuncture, herbology, and tui na (think physical therapy) are just as effective in treating orthopedic trauma. Many athletes, and kung fu practitioners in particular, swear by these treatments.

Injuries can result in blockages and stagnation, particularly in terms of circulation. Remember the ointment we mentioned? You would use it on, say, a sprained ankle. The herbs in such ointments each have their own properties. Turmeric, for example, promotes circulation and is instrumental in reducing inflammation. Less inflammation means less pain. As such, turmeric may be used in ointments for pain relief.

Tui Na is basically therapeutic massage. The purpose here is the same… restore balance by promoting the flow of qi through the joints, muscles, and meridians (basically channels for the qi to flow… think river again).

Feeling Sore? Try Acupuncture

download (71)Some thorns can Wound, and some thorns can Heal

Human history is rich and mysterious. In The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, a Chinese work that dates back to 100 BCE, the emperor and his minister Chhi Po were having a conversation about acupuncture. The emperor tediously questions the minister about the different techniques involving needles and control of the life energy chi, and the minister patiently answers these questions on the basis of the healing traditions that were passed down to him by his ancestors. This magnificent book marks the first mention of the now popular Chinese method, Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is aptly named: Acu meaning needle and puncture meaning piercing. Like all systems of ancient medicine, acupuncture deals with the belief that the energy in a being is concentrated at specific points- called acupuncture points. This system is also very similar to the chakra system, which also deals with specific chakras or energy rich regions in the body.

But acupuncture is startlingly unique even among other alternative medicine bodies. For starters, it involves a precious understanding of both modern medicine and holistic healing. To be able to predict the areas of imbalance in the body and accurately target those areas with needles- this requires knowledge and extensive practice. Another feat that acupuncture has triumphed in is that it has gained remarkable admiration from the western science community. It has been acknowledged as a full fledged academic course in many universities across the world.

The biggest strength of acupuncture lies in two things: the evolution of acupuncture over the ages, and the intense research done on the acupuncture points and energy balance methods.

Why is acupuncture so strongly trusted by healers all over the world? The actual logic behind acupuncture is surprisingly simple. Chi flows through our limbs and organs at all times, but when there is an energy blockage or disturbance in chi at a point, that area will suffer. To overcome this blockage, a healer can determine the exact region of trouble, insert needles at a specific inclination, and successfully restore balance to the patient’s chi.

Needles that accomplish amazing medical feats

Acupuncture is extremely well known for being able to fix all types of painful neurological conditions- it has cured people of strokes, paralysis and Fits; it has reorganized excited nerves and has helped to overcome depression and serious psychiatric disorders in a stunningly short period of time.

Acupuncture skills have also been called for to solve the most common yet deadly ailments: of the stomach, heart, kidneys and lungs. Gastro-intestinal issues of varying severity, breathing and asthma issues, major heart failure issues- acupuncture correctly recognizes that our vital organs are the most vulnerable to energy disruptions. The ancestors of the world definitely thought of everything when they compiled the different acupuncture systems for each of these organ defects!

Acupuncture has miraculously cured a large number of people of infertility issues. Some people face fertility problems because of specific chi disturbances, and acupuncture has been witnessed to be effective against these cases.

Caution needed!

Acupuncture is not a self healing technique. It is very dangerous to pursue this system without any guidance. In fact, it is equally dangerous to pursue acupuncture therapists without knowing their backgrounds. Acupuncture is popular- and with popularity comes unfortunate incidents of fraud.

There are some simple points to keep in mind when seeking for acupuncture therapy: the healer must have experience and training; meet with the healer beforehand and interview them personally. Some healers are more empathy linked and offer a reassuring atmosphere, which is essential for the method to work, as acupuncture cannot successfully work without trust in the healer.


The 4 Common Benefits That You Can Receive From Acupuncture

download (70)Traditional Chinese therapists found acupuncture to be one of the best alternative therapies to cure a person’s ailments. It included the use of fine and sterile needles that were inserted into strategic pressure points on a person’s body and accordingly the flow of energy was neutralized. It is known to release good energy to the body and hence healing the ailments by stimulating the body’s power of healing all by itself.

There are several acupuncture therapists spread across the world that excel in the art of healing people by inserting very fine metallic needles below the skin and healing it. It is kept intact for a certain point of time and later removed to find the required results. It has several benefits to its name where people have found relevant results that have successfully improved their health without the use of artificial drugs.

• Reduces pain in the body – Pain can be the result of various issues like accidents, muscle aches, arthritis, menopause, migraine, etc. and acupuncture is known to cure all such types of pain. The simple insertion of needles in the required area can help release such pain. It isn’t something that you can get rid of in a single day but after several sessions with the therapist can let you get rid of the pain naturally without any complicated diagnosis.

• Stress reduction – Given the busy lives that you lead where there are several chores to attend to at your workplace or home, you end up having high-stress levels. It creates a pressure on your muscles and making it stiff. Using acupuncture therapy on the required pressure points can help you release the tension after the first session.

• Fast recovery from illnesses – You cannot curb the consequences that may lead you to fall ill or meet with an accident. The natural healing functionalities at times fail to work the way it should due to lack of nutrition. It is at this time that acupuncture can come to your rescue where frequent sessions can help you get back to normal and thus curing your illness and ailment in a faster pace.

• Cures insomnia and respiratory issues – Insomnia in general occurs due to stress or an injury where the ability to sleep soundly reduces, and it creates pressure while you lead a healthy life. Inadequate sleep can be cured with the help of acupuncture needles. Respiratory issues like asthma, allergies, sinusitis, etc. can also be taken care of with a few sessions of acupuncture.