The Treatment Of Anxiety Through The Healing Power Of Acupuncture

download (85)According to the ADAA, (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 18% of the population 18 years and older. Anxiety levels can be very mild to very severe, but they’re all normal body responses to something that actually is threatening your well being or is perceived to be threatening your well being. Either way, real or appearing to be real, any specific situation of fear or concern can cause an anxiety symptom which usually lasts for the short time a threat remains imminent, with a more serious life-or-death threat lasting much longer. Those are normal anxious feelings that anyone may experience and ones that will eventually pass. But when you feel anxiety without a clear reason for doing so, or the reasons that make you feel that way just don’t make sense, then this can be unpleasantly overwhelming and must be treated as soon as possible.

Your body has many different ways of sending you recognizable messages when you’re feeling anxious, such as a trembling, shaking or twitching reaction. You might have

Can Acupuncture Cure Cancer

download (79)In recent years the health care industry has witnessed a rapid growth in acupuncture treatment for various health conditions around the world, with more than 14 million people in the United States of America (USA) alone using the treatment. But the most frequently asked questions regarding acupuncture by patients have been, can it cure cancer?

The medical community’s answer is YES IT CAN, as Acupuncture is no longer seen as just a treatment for headache, asthma and strokes, but is now one of the most sought treatments to treat a number of cancer related symptoms and conditions, also the side effects of cancer treatments.

Over the years there has been a great amount of research done on whether acupuncture can really cure cancer, and the conclusions brought forth by the studies have shown that it does. And particularly the research study by The National Cancer Institute says so too, that acupuncture helps to cure and relieve cancer, and in the following ways:

1) Improves overall immune system: By enhancing the components of immune system such as Natural Killer (NK) cells and lymphocytes, and increasing white

The Treatment Of Hip And Leg Pain Through The Healing Power Of Acupuncture

download (83)The questions surrounding the variety of hip and leg pains we experience are as many as the variety of people suffering from them. But as an acupuncturist, I believe I’ve heard them all. In fact, you can take some small comfort in knowing that you are not alone, because hip and leg related aches and pains are one of the most prevalent of all complaints. But knowing that most people at one time or another may suffer what you suffer doesn’t make it hurt any less.

The good news is, more often than not, this feeling is a simple combination of muscle and nerve pain that can be traced back to some inactivity that has gravitated to your overuse of a muscle for a short period of time. Simply put, you did something more than you usually do and you put a whole lot more effort into doing it than would be considered normal for you. Some examples of this might be: You’re at the company’s yearly outing where you play a round of golf followed by an hour of just sitting around and

Acupuncture, Muscle Numbness and Sciatic Pain – A Case Study

download (84)Attorney Holmes was born in Boston to a relatively poor family. He took odd jobs shoveling snow and paving streets as a teenager before joining the army for three years, which helped pay for his college tuition. He started drinking alcohol when he was serving the army. In his early forties, he decided to quit drinking alcohol because he finally realized that drinking made him feel horrible afterwards and because he believed the alcohol could cause damage to his brain cells. Since he was trained to be a disciplined person in the US Army, once he decided to quit drinking, he was able to quit completely. But years of drinking had caused hormone imbalances. For example, abnormal estrogen levels stimulated his prostate and when he was in his seventies, he developed prostate cancer. He had radiation treatment and developed impotence for a while after surgery due to nerve and blood vessel damage. However, because he did not eat junk food or drink alcohol any more, he was physically very healthy and was able to put his impotence behind him after about a year.


Stimulating Acupoints To Harness The Dormant Energy Of The Body

download (80)Over the last decade, acupuncture and acupressure have become quite popular as major branches of alternative medicine. These medical practices are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and have a history of over 1000 years. While acupressure involves applying pressure to special points distributed across the body, acupuncture involves inserting needles at these points. Both acupressure and acupuncture are very beneficial as they help relieve a number of problems from headaches to stress to back aches to pregnancy related issues.

What’s the philosophy?
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is the energetic makeup of the body that determines health and illness. “Qi” or “Chi” is the vital energy that flows throughout the body. It moves along invisible lines or energy channels called meridians. There are 12 regular meridians in the body. Meridians connect organs with other parts and hence they are often known by the name of the organ they influence. The large intestine, small intestine, stomach, gall bladder, bladder, lung, heart, spleen, liver, kidney and pericardium (heart) are names of some of the meridians.

Acupoints are points mapped out along these meridians; they

Fresh Bread Or Acupuncture

download (81)I walked past two bakeries on my way into my first acupuncture appointment; I stopped and took a deep breath. The deep breath was for several reasons: First, the smell of fresh baked bread coming from the bakeries stopped me in my tracks. It was comforting and familiar. Second, I was apprehensive and wanted to walk into a situation I knew. The deep breath was also because I was afraid to keep walking. I loved the idea of acupuncture, but now that I was walking towards the Community Acupuncture Center instead of acting on the urge to run as fast as I could into the bakery next door, I was second-guessing myself.

The unknown is always scary, but the stepping out of your comfort zone is the scariest and let me tell you – this was way past my comfort zone. However, my croissant thumbs started to hurt again and I was willing to try anything to alleviate the pain. “You’re gonna feel high when you leave,” “You feel stoned when you’re done,” “Acustoned,” were all things I heard when people described how I

Acupuncture, an Alternative Choice for Migraine Headaches

download (82)Alternative cures and remedies are today often considered when typical or prescribed treatments or regimens fail to live up to the mark. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have been practiced for thousands of years and is well known as a means for managing pain and a wide range of conditions safely and effectively. In addition, acupuncture can serve as a complementary or alternative therapeutic measure, for disorders that are often difficult to treat with conventional medication.

The International Headache Society has developed a classification system for migraine and headache and defines migraine as one of the main types of primary headaches. It is estimated that approximately 28 million Americans suffer from migraines on an ongoing basis.

A migraine can be irritating and debilitating, it manifest with physical symptoms such as severe and throbbing pain on one side of the head, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and possibly vomiting. Some patients have also reported other symptoms such as dizziness, irritability, insomnia, tinnitus, low back pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, or a need to lie down. A migraine attack can stem from food allergies and intolerance,

Get the Natural Treatment of Infertility

download (78)The birth place of Acupuncture is China. Chinese herbs are very popular for being very effective to prevent various kinds of diseases and they are used in this treatment. This is the most important reason that has made acupuncture so beneficial. Apart from this, the procedure it follows to get people treated is very helpful and effective to bring them back into the rhythm of life. All these things have made it a treatment without side effects and this is why lots of people have chosen it. It has produced great results against the diseases like headache, indigestion, insomnia, infertility etc.

With the rapid development of civilization and with the continuous decline of the environment, we have witnessed various kinds of diseases. One of the most threatening diseases among them is Infertility because it is a direct threat to humanity. There are various types of treatments available to treat the diseases, but most of them have not proved themselves to be beneficial. Some of them could produce good results, but they are harmful as they can bring various kinds of side effects. Standing amidst

How Fertility For Acupuncture Can Help You Conceive

download (77)It might come as a surprise to you but humans are not that fertile, and evidence suggests that fertility in humans is decreasing due to pollution, lifestyle, and many other factors.

The average woman in her late teens or twenties will have to try for around four months to get pregnant. This means that despite the release of a healthy egg and copulation at the most fertile time she has around a 25% chance of conceiving in any one month. This figure drops off markedly until by the early forties the chance of conceiving has dropped to only around 3%.

Add into the equation the various reproductive problems such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), endometriosis, fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes and other common problems, it is easy to see why getting pregnant isn’t happening for many many women desperate to have children.

Acupuncture has been shown to improve the chances of conception. There are several mechanisms in action. Acupuncture helps to regulate hormonal cycles and also increases blood flow to the uterus thus providing a better environment for the embryo to embed and grow. A major factor

Acupressure: For Perfect Wellness

download (75)Acupressure is an ancient practice of healing in which pressure is used to provide a curative effect. This healing method has been in use since the time immemorial. The acupressure doctors have been practicing this technique in order to get perfect health standards.

This is a very powerful technique to get rid of stress. As per the theory of this ancient science, there are several spots on body from where healing mechanism of the body initiated by the application of the pressure. The doctors use these spots and apply pressure in order to perform healing therapy.

When pressure is applied on these spots, the initiation of the self-healing mechanism starts with this. The application of pressure helps in the breakage of the negative energy and provide relaxation to the mind. According to the theory of the acupressure, the pressing and application of pressure helps in improving the blood circulation of the body. This improved circulation of blood helps in providing sufficient nourishment to the body tissues. This eventually results in providing sufficient strength to the defence mechanism of the body.

The acupressure is very effective in

Would I Benefit From Acupuncture?

download (76)Many people have heard about acupuncture and the first comment is usually “Stick needles in me? No way!” In general, we fear that which do not know or the unfamiliar, especially if we think pain is involved.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine; it has been in practice for more than 2000 years! Acupuncture has provided billions of successful treatments with minimal side effects for centuries. In 1978 WHO, (World Health Organization) recognized acupuncture as a valid medical modality for treatment of various diseases and conditions.

Despite the success and history of acupuncture, for many, the fear of needles is greater than the potential health benefits. If you are among those who have a fear of needles, you are not alone. Unlike getting a shot, acupuncture does not hurt. Sensation of tingling or mild electric sensation is possible. The acupuncture needle is so thin, thinner than a strand of your hair. In fact, approximately 14 acupuncture needles can fit in the hollow needle used for a standard blood draw. Think about that the next time your doctor orders a blood test!

A licensed

Acupuncture for a Healthy Life

download (74)Acupuncture has its origin from China. It involves the insertions of thin needles into certain locations of the human body. These locations are generally termed as acupuncture points and form the main focus of the acupuncture treatment. The procedure may also involve the application of pressure, heat or laser light at the acupuncture points. The way of practises varies from country to country while the underlying principle remains the same. According to the theory of acupuncture, there are certain patterns of energy flow in the body and these energy flows are important for health. The disease causes the disruption of these energy flows and the acupuncture involves in correcting the imbalance flow of the energy at the identifiable points.

Healing Power of Acupuncture

In the recent times, acupuncture has been grabbing attention from many people around the world. The non-invasive nature of the treatment with fewer side effects has attributed to its popularity. The treatment not only eases the symptoms but also works on the root cause of a problem associated with a disease. The patients who undergo the acupuncture feel a sense of

Why Trust Acupuncture If You Want To Be Pain-Free

download (73)Maintaining a sustainable health carries the utmost importance in everyone’s lives, and we try our level best to provide ourselves and our families the best healthcare possible. It’s not unknown to us what acupuncture is all about as it inception dates back thousands of years. Though its actual origin is still a mystery, but China is predominantly considered as a starting point for acupuncture and several other ancient therapies.

No matter how much medical science has evolved to produce advanced treatment procedures, the best cure still lies in the most traditional route. People have been practicing this ancient form of illness treatment for several years now. Several researches have concluded that acupuncture has the capability to cure chronic diseases to a large extent. It’s all about working with your body’s energy and the need to ensure that there is an even and smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Although mainly known for regulation of pain, acupuncture can also serve many other purposes such as:-

• Relief from muscle spasm.

• Decreased inflammation.

• Improvement of the immune system.

• Increased blood circulation.

• Relief from Pain.

• The increase

Balancing Act – Qi and Its Role In The Human Body

download (72)Despite how alternative medicine appears, it is really anything but. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which incorporates acupuncture, tui na (Chinese physical therapy), and herbology, has been used for thousands of years to aid in healing the human body, but because it is unfamiliar to most people and not commercialized, it tends to be sidelined. On that note, we want to help you two get better acquainted.


When we say that techniques of TCM aid in healing, we do so because the human body is ultimately designed to heal itself. The remedies found in TCM, acupuncture, and herbology encourage healing by balancing the body. They do not treat the symptoms of an illness. They treat the root of it.

Qi (pronounced “chi”) is the energy in the human body. Indeed, the concept of a universal flow of energy is not a new one. In Western science, Einstein established that everything is energy in his theory of special relativity. Qi flows within the body, and when it flows freely the body is in balance. When it does not and there is blockage and stagnation, we feel it

Feeling Sore? Try Acupuncture

download (71)Some thorns can Wound, and some thorns can Heal

Human history is rich and mysterious. In The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, a Chinese work that dates back to 100 BCE, the emperor and his minister Chhi Po were having a conversation about acupuncture. The emperor tediously questions the minister about the different techniques involving needles and control of the life energy chi, and the minister patiently answers these questions on the basis of the healing traditions that were passed down to him by his ancestors. This magnificent book marks the first mention of the now popular Chinese method, Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is aptly named: Acu meaning needle and puncture meaning piercing. Like all systems of ancient medicine, acupuncture deals with the belief that the energy in a being is concentrated at specific points- called acupuncture points. This system is also very similar to the chakra system, which also deals with specific chakras or energy rich regions in the body.

But acupuncture is startlingly unique even among other alternative medicine bodies. For starters, it involves a precious understanding of both modern medicine and holistic healing. To

The 4 Common Benefits That You Can Receive From Acupuncture

download (70)Traditional Chinese therapists found acupuncture to be one of the best alternative therapies to cure a person’s ailments. It included the use of fine and sterile needles that were inserted into strategic pressure points on a person’s body and accordingly the flow of energy was neutralized. It is known to release good energy to the body and hence healing the ailments by stimulating the body’s power of healing all by itself.

There are several acupuncture therapists spread across the world that excel in the art of healing people by inserting very fine metallic needles below the skin and healing it. It is kept intact for a certain point of time and later removed to find the required results. It has several benefits to its name where people have found relevant results that have successfully improved their health without the use of artificial drugs.

• Reduces pain in the body – Pain can be the result of various issues like accidents, muscle aches, arthritis, menopause, migraine, etc. and acupuncture is known to cure all such types of pain. The simple insertion of needles in the required

Take the Holistic Route of Treatment Dating Back Thousands of Years

images (12)Tired of excruciating pains arising from your joints? Do you suffer from long-standing chronic diseases that you can’t get rid of? Well, the answer is not always the high dosage of chemical medicines. Some people have the wrong conception that intake of heavy antibiotics or other chemical medicines will ultimately cure them of their diseases. Let us clarify once in for all that chemical medicines and treatment procedures are not the only and the most safest of all medication. There are several other ways you can treat yourselves in and they offer much more satisfactory results than your conventional medicines.

Acupuncture, for example, is a very viable and safe option for treatment. Some may question over its credibility and its actual effectiveness, but let us remind everyone that it’s no hoax that our long gone ancestors used this treatment method as their main option. This treatment was and always will be the safest form of medication known to mankind. It’s important to act on any revolutionary idea than to just think about it. These days more and more doctors and physicians are encouraging this

How Acupuncture Restores Balance and Helps Us Heal Ourselves

download (69)“The driving idea behind acupuncture is that you’re already in possession of everything you need to be well. Rather than focusing on what’s missing, and adding something to fill the gap, acupuncture takes what’s already there and rearranges it to restore balance. Acupuncture engages the body’s own healing mechanisms to address underlying problems.”

– AcuTake Website

Have you ever gone for an acupuncture treatment?

If not, you might find the experience surprisingly… enjoyable.

I have been going for acupuncture treatments for more than three years now and love it. The original reason I wanted to try acupuncture was for the tendinitis in my wrists (due to writing).

But like many people, I suspect, I didn’t get around to trying acupuncture until my mid-forties because I was wary of the needles. Okay, truthfully, the needles freaked me right out! I couldn’t figure out how all those needles – I don’t care what size they are – going into my skin couldn’t hurt.

But they don’t. Honest.

Instead, what the needles do, for me at least, is create an incredible sense of well-being and relaxation. Within minutes of the first needles being

Acupuncture: Why It Is Hugely Beneficial to the Health

download (68)Depending solely on the modern chemical medicines is not enough in today’s times. Finding and practicing alternative medicine is becoming vital day by day. Fortunately, medical science has evolved a lot in the past few years to make alternative medicines a reality.

What is acupuncture?

It is the process of stimulating certain points along the surface of the body with the help of piercing of needles. It’s a therapeutic method that has been practiced for thousands of years and passed on for generations. Needless to say, it is one of the oldest and traditional treatment method in the world. This approach has been part of several researches to find the exact origins of its approach, but no conclusive data have been obtained as of now. However, the consensus is that acupuncture originated from ancient China.

There are several institutes these days who are offering this process to its clients throughout the years and will continue to do so the future. People need to realise that it’s great to be treated in a more holistic and traditional way without the use of any unnecessary chemicals. It’s been

Acupuncture Treatment and Its Benefits

download (67)Acupuncture is a medical treatment that helps to cure many health issues and alleviate chronic pains from the body. According to western belief, it is not a system of inserting needles in the body and relieving pain rather it is a complete medical treatment that focuses on maintaining energy levels, fix body imbalance problems, treat diseases and general health issues. Along with these medical treatments, this
therapy comes with a lot of advantages which are mentioned below:

Reduce Depression Rate

Acupuncture is a perfect medical treatment you can choose if you are going through depression. The therapy helps you fight against the anxieties and make you positive which ultimately kick away your depression and let you feel healthy.

Cure Migraine problem

Studies reveal that a migraine can be permanently treated through this medical protocol. The basic reason behind this problem is a tension which is alleviated through this medical treatment and it also puts an end to the migraine problem.

Treat Headaches

Headaches shall never be considered normal as they do not take long to convert into a harsh problem. Generally, people suffering from headaches take tablets to aid